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Here are some of the common questions and answer our red tag helpers has prepared for you.


For iTunes and other Prepaid Gift Cards

1. How would I received my code after I have paid for my purchase?

Once you have paid for your purchase, the code will be delivered to you to the email address as stated in your account.


2. Can I check out as a guest?

Yes, you can.  You would still have to send us an email address so we may send the code to you.


3. What happened if there is an issue with my codes?

All of our cards are purchased directly from reputable resellers in the US.  However, sometimes an issue may arise. We stand behind our customer satisfaction guarantee that we will work with you to get it resolved as soon as possible.  You may contact redtaghelper@redtagnow.com for any assistance that you need. 


4. How do I redeem my codes?

Each of our product page comes with instruction and appropriate links on to redeem the codes.


5. What kind of payment method do you accept?

We accept Bank direct transfers, Paypal, and credit card. 


6. How soon will I received my codes?

For new customer, usually the code will be sent out to them within a day.  While regular customer will have their code within an hour.


7. What does it take longer for new customers?

That is because we have a online fraud system in place that takes a bit of time to identify if the payment is fraudulent. 


8. What is the payment is found fraudulent?

We understand the system is not perfect and some legitimate payment might be flagged.  We will communicate with the buyer for further clarification.  If no resolution is found, the payment will be refunded immediately. 


9. Can your codes be used outside of United States?

Yes, the codes can be used outside of the United States as long as you have the appropriate United States gaming or iTunes account.


10. Where can I find news on free games or massive games sales?

You can check out our blog for such news.  We update our blog on regularly basis.


11. How does "Save N' Ship" works?

"Save N' Ship" shipping method works by consolidating all your purchases within 60 days and shipped them out together to make shipping cheaper.  It helps to maximizing your shipping dollar. The maximum weight you can consolidate all your purchases is 10 kg for shipment within Australia, and up to 20 kg for international shipping.


12. What is your Return Policy?

You can view our Return Policy here.


13. What is your Privacy Policy?

You can view our Privacy Policy here


14. What is your website Terms of Service?

You can view our Terms of Service here